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The Rescue -3- by JTPepper09 The Rescue -3- by JTPepper09
There's been an awesome thread going on Thorns called "The Rescue."

And I got the urge to draw it in comic form. It'll be greyscale with only one color for added dramaticalness. If I continue it. This one page took immensely longer than necessary XD

That man is Mr. Ceres. He's kinda cool. He belongs to :iconthundercake:. You steal, you die.

That woman (Gamze) is Fion Smith. She's pretty awesome. She belongs to Sharkgirl of Thorns.

"Angora" is Khymarah Theraldon. She's super sweet. She belongs to :iconaussiemum:.

New arrival, Tanner, is an NPC belonging to :iconunwanderinggirl:

Photoshop. Wacom intuos 3.

All characters herein are (c)copyright to their respective owners, including Jade A. Tibbals.

All images herein are (c) copyright Jade A. Tibbals.

No reproduction, distribution, etc. allowed without Jade A. Tibbals' express written permission.
MissusHow Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009  Student Artist
Really lovely. I love the way you draw faces.
JTPepper09 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2009  Hobbyist
Thanks! This one actually infuriated me a bit. I re-drew Khy and Fion a couple times because I wasn't satisfied, but I like where it is now. ^.^
MissusHow Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2009  Student Artist
keep it up! These are great!
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